Bottom of the Funnel

Jim Stein
Published Date: May 22, 2023

It’s choosing time.


Your potential Quality Customer is deciding between you and a couple of other companies. You know how it goes. Before they choose, they always research you and your competitors. Everybody does it, whether it’s a shallow check of two minutes or a deeper dive of twenty. You have to win this research matchup to close the deal. If not, you’ll lose a previously “interested” buyer.


These bottom-of-the-funnel research matchups are where your Diamond Certified Company Report wins you Quality Customers. It works to seal the deal because it’s highly trusted, not self-promoting like your website, proves your Highest in Quality performance and Helpful Expertise and tells your story through articles and videos.


It’s why quality-seeking buyers feel more confident choosing you instead of your competitors.


Quality-seeking buyers are going directly from search to your company report. We’ve seen a traffic increase from Google Search directly to Diamond Certified Company Report pages. It’s the bottom-of-the-funnel research matchup in action. Interested buyers have Googled your name and other competitors that they’re considering. When they search for you, what do they see? Links to your website, review sites and one to your Diamond Certified Company Report. Those that want quality and fair dealings always click through to your Diamond Certified Company Report.


4 Seconds / 2 Minutes / 15 Minutes – For the Win!
First impressions are key. In the first four seconds of meeting a new person we form our initial opinion. We do the same when we enter a new place. Safety or danger? We form an instant impression and deepen it as we get more info.


When your potential Quality Customer arrives at your Diamond Certified Company Report, her eyes are drawn to the animated movement of your rating charts for Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty and Helpful Expertise. Her subconscious readily absorbs the meaning of the aligned phrases Diamond Certified, Highest in Quality, Helpful Expertise, and PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED in your award plaque. She notices the check marked credentials and the list of further research sections that she can access on this page. Her confidence in your company increases.


It’s always a story about people.
She scrolls down and sees your Diamond Certified videos. While the top view is Extreme Quantitative, showing a deep vetting as introduction, the second view is Extreme Story. It’s saying, “Now meet the people who accomplished this track record of outstanding performance.”


We often cite statistics and logic to justify our decisions, but our hearts are won with stories. She’s living her own story. How will it mix with yours? Your videos help her imagine it. So, now in the first two minutes your company report boosted her confidence in your company’s high rating and made her feel that she’s known you guys for years.


Readers trust well written articles.
She scrolls down and sees your researched articles section. It’s both for “readers” and for the non-readers who are married to readers. Your essential articles describe HOW you’re able to deliver great results and WHY you operate as you do. Knowing your WHY, your company philosophy, is impactful because it signals intent, a precursor to behavior.

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