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Helpful Expertise #4: Knowledge + #5: Insights

Jim Stein

Expertise is what members of your team know about the various types of work they produce and the industry they belong to. They’ve gained this knowledge through direct experience and study. You’ve trained them on Best Practices, which produce better outcomes, and they use their expertise to communicate with customers and decide how to do the work.

Helpful Expertise #3: Personalization

Jim Stein

Personalization is how your team communicates to individuals uniquely, based on their key attributes and behaviors. Companies often use a one-size-fits-all communication framework that’s “workable” for most of their customers. Workable communications will help you satisfy your customers, while personalized communications deepen relationships and help you create super-satisfied customers.

All About Positioning: An Interview With Greg Louie

Matthew Solis

Recently, I sat down with Greg Louie, founder and CEO of American Ratings Corporation, creators of Diamond Certified Resource, to get his perspective on Quality Customers and why it’s so important for businesses to focus on attracting and keeping them. Here’s what he had to say.

Helpful Expertise #2: Responsiveness

Jim Stein

Responsiveness is the perceived time it takes for your team to act on promised and implied commitments. By definition these implied commitments are unspoken and often assumed by custom, like returning a phone call within two days. Since there’s no official rule of response times per channel between company and customer, unless you specifically set a response commitment, each customer judges your responsiveness subjectively based on their individual sense of what the standard should be for the channel of communication and the nature of the commitment.

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