Interview With David Katz, Owner of Trio Heating & Air

Trio Heating & Air provides a variety of services that are designed to improve indoor air quality for residential and commercial clients throughout the Greater Bay Area.

Matthew Solis
Published Date: May 18, 2023

Q: Why do you think it’s so important to work with Quality Customers?

A: We want to work with people who can appreciate top quality work because that’s what we have to offer. When you’re working with this audience you can invest and create safe, comfortable, and long-lasting work. Eventually, it actually brings us to the point where we’re more cost-effective and less expensive than the lower quality and low-priced jobs. Somebody who looks for a low-quality, low price job is quickly going to find themselves in more penny after penny, right? Things breaking down, things that require additional services, long wait times…those things usually go hand in hand. So, we’re looking to build our business around the type of people who can really appreciate quality of work, and eventually, they end up paying less for top-quality work.

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